Augment City AS is a company based in Norway and a Daughter company of Offshore Simulation Centre AS (OSC) We are making a tool with the UN for politicians, industry and citizens to better understand the consequences of their decisions.

Senior developer

Required Skills

  1. Experience with development using 3D engines, preferable Unity
  2. Professional experience in either C#, Java or C++
  3. Experience with optimization
  4. High level of understanding of software architecture
  5. Understanding of multi-user environment
  6. Ideally Understanding of 3D model optimization
  7. Ideally experience with VR/AR
  8. Ideally experience with multi projection systems

Project & Innovation coordinator 

Required Skills

  1. Ability to coordinate and promote innovation activities
  2. Very high-level English written and spoken
  3. Very structured and an ability to prioritise task in a fast and effective way
  4. Proactive and driven
  5. Skilled at solving problems and following up daily activities and knowing when issues should be escalated to a higher level
  6. Will report to and support directly the CEO